The DJ Mag Top 100 DJ’s Survey results were reported as of late. Vigorously addressed in the best 100 survey results are daze and techno. This is nothing unexpected. Daze and techno have vigorously overwhelmed the survey for a long time now.

For the individuals who are new to the DJ Mag Survey, it is a yearly survey techno introduced by DJ Magazine. It welcomes fans to decide in favor of their number one Dj’s. Hence, it is somewhat a kind of fame survey. Many are those in the business who excuse the survey out and out as being useless, and afterward there are the people who think that the survey has some legitimacy however is not really logical.

Regardless, the DJ Mag Survey collects a lot of consideration for the DJ’s who make the survey (as well concerning DJ Magazine itself).

Daze and Techno DJ’s indeed rule the survey. Pundits bring up that this by itself exhibits the issue of the survey – that it doesn’t correspond to record deals. They bring up that the survey results are slanted for techno and daze DJ’s on the grounds that the aficionados of techno and daze overwhelm the democratic, while if one somehow happened to take a gander at genuine record deals and piece of the pie in dance music – house music is obviously the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

Reality in all probability is some place in the center. Daze and techno DJ’s truly do rule the DJ Mag Survey yet these sub-sorts of electronic dance music host and occasions and gatherings and DJ’s that will generally draw the greatest groups.

Techno and Daze in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Survey